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Guitar Lessons

Alex Rosenhof gives guitar lessons at two different private music schools in Germany, Musiksakademie Obergrafschaft and Musikkolleg Mesum. He also gives private lessons and there is also a possibility to book skype lessons. If you are interested, just send an e-mail.

Alex teaches playing the guitar to all ages and all levels of development. For beginners he developed his own teaching concept, which differs from most standard books in its diversity and practicability. In this concept the student learns from the very beginning to use every finger and play simple songs in different styles of playing the guitar: chord strumming, finger-picking, melody playing and rock technics (powerchords etc.)

Intermidiate players or the very talented ones, who have mastered the basic playing techniques, usually learn to play their favorite songs, or learn to improvise. Advanced players, for instance the ones who are preparing for a music study, can also attend lessons by Alex. Alex teaches all the modern playing techniques(sweeping, tapping, alternate picking etc.), jazz- and fusion improvisation concepts and can also give lessons in music theory and ear training.