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Alexander Rosenhof, currently living in Nordhorn, a small town in the north of Germany, was born on 13th  April 1982 in Omsk, Russia. He began making music at the age of six, attending violin and piano classes, also learning basic notation and music theory. At the age of 12 he switched to playing guitar and gathered first band experiences at the age of 15, short after moving to Germany with his parents. After winning some local band competitions and participating at amateur internet composition competitions he became even more serious about music, attended workshops and private guitar lessons by Victor Smolski and after that studied music at the Popacademy in Enschede, Holland. He finished his study in 2007 with 8.5 points out of 10, which was the best result in his year.

At that time he was very into virtuostic guitar music  a la Steve Vai, which led to some offerings from bands, where this special technical abilities were asked. So he toured with two dutch progressive metal bands "Picture of the Moon" and "Sphere of Souls" through a lot of heavy-metal clubs in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

After a while he became more interested in blues and blues-rock music, so he started the blues band "Bluespam" with two other musicians, where he sings the lead vocals besides playing guitar. Since 2009 he also plays guitar in the band of a german singer-songwriter Michael Witte, and doing some occasional playing-jobs, like helping out in cover-bands.

Besides his playing activities Alex also gives guitar lessons at two different music schools in germany and also has private students.